In The MixTape Volume 0_04

DJ Mix – In The MixTape Volume 0.04

Mixtape created circa 1988. Blend of alternative, rock and a hit of Run DMC.

Here is the Track List:

1.Chainsaw by Skinny Puppy
2.Gimme Shelter by Sister Of Mercy
3.Hell Bells by ACDC
4.The Hardest Walk by The Jesus And Mary Chain
5.First Aid by Skinny Puppy
6.Rain (Here Comes The) by The Cult
7.Jam-Master Jay by Run DMC
8.Sign ‘O” The Times by Prince
9.Cooky Puss (Censored Version) by Beatsie Boys
10.Love Removal Machine by The Cult
11.Back In Black by ACDC
12.Beds Are Burning (Teal Remix) by Midnight Oil
13.The Loving Face by Christian Death
14.Sin by Nine Inch Nails
15.Welcome To The Jungle by Guns N’ Roses
16.Smells Like by Alien Sex Fiend
17.The Land Of Rape And Honey by Ministry
18.Glass Out by Skinppy Puppy
19.I Sit On Acid by Lords Of Acid
20.Donkey Doctor by 808 State
21.Free Mason by Boxcar