Watching Television

The Future of Television

Starting March 1st, 2016, cable companies are mandated by the CRTC to offer Canadians a skinny television package for $25. Canadians are paying the highest rates for Television and Internet services in the world. Why is that? Why are the cable companies so reluctant to even advertise the new package? More importantly, what does the 

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It’s Time For a New Web Design

I must admit that I take working on Mac for granted. When I designed this blog website, everything looks nice and pretty. I was shocked to find out that this blog looked horrible when you view it with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. If you are a Windows 10 user, Microsoft new browser “Edge” faired better and 

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Traffic Apps to Make Your Car Commute Better

Let’s face it, driving around the city and being stuck in traffic is a frustrating experience. The featured image above shows what drivers have to go through getting in and out of downtown Toronto. I have tried various apps in the last several years. There was Tapster (acquired by Nokia which stopped development after 2014 ), Beat the 

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