wpid-hello-2013-11-19-11-21Hello, my name is George Dus and welcome to my personal blog.

I always have an opinion on almost everything. I always pride myself that I usually think outside the box. Sometimes it’s follows common sense or it can be pretty much weird or crazy. Whether it’s on technology, social issues or politics, I always like to make people aware of things that might not be portrayed properly in the news, media or on the web. We get so bombarded with short sound bites all the time, that sometimes things and ideas can get lost in translation or getting behind the real story.

I am already going against the grain by not have this blog focus on specific topic or theme that branding and web experts always suggest to do. Yup, I might be all over the place in terms of various topics, just like I do in person. To me, my main goal with this blog is making a positive impact or just helping someone find an answer to a pressing question. I might not answer “What is the meaning of life?” but maybe I can point you in the right direction.

Feel free add your comments to any of my blog posts. I am forgoing using WordPress’ comments and instead using Facebook’s Social Plug-in, so you will have to have a Facebook account to add your comments. It is less maintenance and avoid spammers.

Hope you enjoy my blog. Until next time.