Toronto Drivers – You Gotta Love Their Craziness

The video above shows a near collision from Mark Corrigan‘s dashboard camera also known as Dash Cam. After the light turn green, he started to drive eastbound on Major McKenenzie before the near miss occurred. Around the GTA, it is not uncommon for drivers to blow through the intersections after the traffic light has turned red. In fact, it’s become problematic. Drivers are becoming riskier.

Me, Not So lucky

My car after another driver enters intersection 10 secs after light turns red.

My car after another driver enters intersection 10 secs after light turns red.

Mark who was shaken, had to pull over. He was lucky. I wasn’t. I arrived back in Toronto a year and half ago and within a month – POW – I was hit by a driver who ran through the intersection 10 seconds after the light turned red. The 85-year-ago lady was charged and eventually pleaded guilty after finding out I was living in Toronto.

I will admit am a bit of an aggressive driver. But I do use common sense and stop at a red light when I can safety stop in time. I sometimes worry about the driver behind me. When I moved to Alberta, it was quite the adjustment. In Edmonton, drivers stop when the light turns yellow. Almost had some rear-enders there.  In Calgary, there are so many Red Light Cameras, you would be silly to do what Torontonians do. Toronto does have red lights cameras including the intersection where I was hit. But it doesn’t seem to discourage a lot of drivers running through red lights. This part of the reason why Ontarians pay the highest insurance premiums in Canada.

In Russia, having a dashboard cameras is a must because of all the aggressive driving there. You can pickup one for about $130 up to high end ones that have 2 channels that record front and back for about $450. Most include a GPS to record your speed and location in case do get into an accident. I think it is a must have for any Toronto driver.