It’s Time For a New Web Design

I must admit that I take working on Mac for granted. When I designed this blog website, everything looks nice and pretty. I was shocked to find out that this blog looked horrible when you view it with Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. If you are a Windows 10 user, Microsoft new browser “Edge” faired better and almost everything look like it should, except for navigating this website.

The Art of Picking The Right Theme For Your Website

I use WordPress as the backend. I tried a couple of themes and end up using Sixteen Nine Pro from Studiopress. Try as I might, I edited the code to force anyone using Internet Explorer to use Compatibility Mode. The result was still lacklustre. So I searched for another theme and came across Prolog from Themeum. After some tweaking and re-editing previous posts. I was amazed how fast the website loads without any caching plugins.

It is a shame that Microsoft likes to do there own thing and not follow industry standards. It just creates more work for web designers. I would like to note that Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 10 provides a much better web experience. For those unfamiliar with the Edge browser, it is a stripped down web browser that doesn’t allow plugins and extension.

Finally with the end of Adobe Flash, and just recently Oracle ending development of Java; maybe surfing the web can be a safer experience. As an IT professional it is hard to keep up with the dates to fix all security vulnerabilities that Flash and Java introduces.

I hope you like the new design of my blog site. I think it looks clean, easier to read and navigate in all browsers. I would love to hear your feedback.