Jian Ghomeshi and Media Circus Surrounding His Trial

It wasn’t my typical Monday walk to work earlier this week. As I was coming around corner from Queen Street West to James Street, instead of the usual delivery trucks or cars parked; all available parking spots were taken by various media mobile trucks. Those not familiar with the area, James Street divides the City of Toronto Courthouse and the Eaton Centre. I later found out they were all there for Jian Ghomeshi’s trial which started that day. Jian Ghomeshi is accused of various sexual assaults. Now I have seen a few media trucks parked before during high profile trials, but the amount media present that day was just ridiculous.

Sexual assaults happens far more often than most would suspect. What irked me about that day was that other sexual assault cases may get a 15 or 30 sec sound bite. Instead of the media highlighting and informing the public that sexual assault of any kind is wrong, the media has turned this trial into entertainment.

I discovered a show on Hulu yesterday called Breaking The Set with Abby Martin. It was her pilot show and she was doing a piece about media’s behaviour and coverage of various school mass shootings. The show was aired a few days after the Sandy Brook Shooting. There was a line she said that sums up my feeling that Monday afternoon

The media has latched on to the story like the parasitic vultures they are… The way the corporate press covers these types of tragedies is like “shock and awe porn”

Perfectly said Abby.