How Did I Become So Lucky

I think I found a new passion and it seems to be writing. I know that I tend to get long winded when writing emails and now blog posts. I set up this blog as a creative outlet to write about things that I am passionate about and things that just irked me. Unfortunately sometimes I don’t have the time to write but lately I have someone new in my life that pushes me to write.

Her name is Karyn and she is a lot like me. She is gadget junkie, an Apple fangirl and just an awesome person. She also likes to write but she is also very creative. I am plugging her and her new website Lucky Button Creations. Whether you want some inspiration on how to become happy, look and maybe buy some her stunning photos, handmade soaps and crafty handbags, you should check her website/blog at Lucky Button Creations or her Etsy shop

I am truly blessed that we have found each other and I am sure she can make you smile as much as I do.