Better Urban Planning

As I was writing my Toronto – The Gridlock City posts, it became apparent that coming up with solutions was going to run into a longer series of posts. So I decided to devote a brand new blog called Better Urban Planning with not only solutions but also news and ideas on urban issues.

I remember the day when had to present a video project in my Grade 11 Urban Studies class at Central High School of Commerce. Unfortunately, the video is on a Beta tape and my Sony Beta machine just chews up tapes. The video opened up with recordings of Daryl Dahmer and other traffic reports. Then onto a musical montage of Gino Vanelli’s Black Cars, Sniff n The Tears’ Driver Seat overlayed on top of video images that three of my classmates and myself shot running around Toronto for the day. In between the songs I made commentaries about the pending SkyDome construction and the traffic issues it would cause. There was an off-camera interview with a Police Sargent with Toronto Police Traffic division, and talking about TTC overcrowding. This is back in the late 80’s and nothing as really changed since then. I did get an A+ with my limited editing skills and Commodore 64 generated graphics.

In Part 3 of my Toronto – The Gridlock City, I only touched on some of the most prominent solutions. There are more solutions to write about. I hope you have some time to visit my new blog Better Urban Planning and also click on Like on the website Facebook Page or follow updates to the website via Twitter.