Animal Spirits

Last October my sister and I attended the Psychic Fair and I was curious about this one vendor.

Sioux Storm discussing what my animal spirits are.

Sioux Storm discussing what my animal spirits are.

Her name is Sioux Storm and she is a Visionary Artist, Healer and Teacher that draws a totem of your animal spirits. Now I know we all have spirit guides, but I didn’t know anything about animal spirits and how they guide us throughout our lives.

If you want to know about animal spirits, you can head over to Spirit Animals & Animal Totems and take the Spirit Animal Quiz. It can probably give some unique insights on who you are and explains some behaviours and characteristic that you always wondered about.

My Animal Spirits
As for my totem, from top down; she drew a bear, hawk, frog, horse and turtle. Below are the interpretation of each animal taken from :Spirit Animals & Animal Totems:

Bear: Is symbolic of strength, courage and standing up to one’s beliefs and one’s truth. Reflect on the qualities of inner strength, fearlessness, and confidence in yourself and how you can project them in your world.

Hawk: Is the messenger of the spirit world. Use the power of focus. Take the lead when the time is right. Power to see, clear vision. Strong connection with spirit, increased spiritual awareness

Frog: Symbolic of Cleansing. It encourages you to release your emotions or carefully at how you spend your energy in relationship to others or some matters of concern in your life. Renew your perspective or vision and clear old opinions and beliefs to adopt to a new stance or perspective.

Horse: Symbolic of inner strength and driving force in life representing physical strength, vitality but also our psychological or emotional ability to go on in life. Ability to overcome obstacles in life and pursue your goal no matter what may stand in your way.

Turtle: Symbol of the world. Ability to stay ground, even moments of disturbances and chaos. Slowing down by pacing yourself. Determination and persistence. Emotional strength and understanding. Ancient wisdom.

Sioux summarized the totem as me being grounded and wise, full of determination that has overcome obstacles. It was time to put the past behind and look forward to a different future. Trust my intuition and psychic abilities, watch for signs and meanings in unlikely places. And most important of all, stand up for what you believe in and others will follow.